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Value yourself

Hi all, it is wonderful to find some time to sit and update my blog site. One reason to actually welcome the wind and the rain. Every cloud has a silver lining! There is nothing like being cosy and warm inside whilst the elements are raging at their best outside, Brrr!!!
The metaphor of that statement can only remind me of meditation and the importance of it as life. Our outside world whirls crazily by making us feel helpless and afraid and when we go within as in meditation the silence and peace that greets us gives us the sense of being safe and warm inside

casper the ghost

Hi everyone, i want to share with you my sadness at losing my friend at the weekend. She battled hard against the cancer and was as positive as any person can be, wore colurful wigs when the chemo made her hair fall out and cracked jokes with us all up till the end.
How familiar is this story and i know there will be many of you that have experienced the same feeling as i am having right now.
Nothing changes because i am a medium although i do know that my friend will be ok on the other side and will be jumping up and down trying to get my attention to relay messages to the family, bless her.

The Rose

Hi everyone, i'm back !!!! The start of the year has been crazy and i have had little time to catch up on here.
A big thank you to those reading my blog and remember don't be shy, leave a message and i will get back to you.
Several people have asked if i would do a question and answer page on anything from hauntings, (love the spooky stuff) meditation, how to become a reader, healing, self protection from unwanted visitors from spirit world and anything else that may be bothering you, So whatever topic it may be fire away and hopefully our spirit guides will provide us with the insights.

new dates coming soon..........

Hi all, due to the hectic pace of December my updates are lagging behind!!! All the new dates for next year will be appearing soon.
A big thank you to Rebecca who hosted the Olinda night for us and we will miss our evenings there next year :(
Please go along to the centre for a wonderful facial or massage.
Emerald will be kicking off in Feb, so watch this space for more details and come along to see us.
If i don't get on to my blog before December 25th, please have a wonderful, happy and safe christmas and new year.

Gummie Bears

Hello and Welcome, what a busy month it has been ! Here we are in November already and i can feel the energy bursting it's way towards Christmas !Our October evening of clairvoyance at the Emerald Gemco was another splendid evening with lot's of good messages coming through. If you have not visited us there yet please come along for our November meeting. (check calendar for details)
 We alway's have lot's of fun (yes i did say fun) spirit love to play with us and keep us light hearted.

Riding in heaven

Hello everyone, today is such a beautiful day, the sun is shining and spring is well on it's way. It is time for renewal, fresh awakening's and insight's, i wish you great times ahead. Go for happiness, it's right there for you, right now ! Allow yourself to be happy !! That's all it takes.
Our Emerald venue was another fantastic night with people coming together and sharing in each other's stories in life. Thank you to the lovely lady that validated the strange message that had come through from her Nan in spirit the day before.

welcome to my blog

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new blog page. I would like to share this page with you and all our spirit friends.
It is my great fortune to be able to work with the spirit world and be able to reconnect you to your loved ones.
I feel inspired to recall some of the wonderful messages that have been relayed to some of my clients (of course real names not included !) and the wonderful proof of survival that it provides.
I know, beyond doubt that the spirit world exists and that we never really lose our loved ones just because we can no longer see them.
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